This is a website for any who identify as Mormon to discuss the intersection of liberal politics and all things Mormon.

This site is not partisan in nature, though it is intended more as a gathering place for Mormons who are left-leaning politically. Whatever your party affiliations may be, if you are interested in discussing the intersection of liberalism and Mormonism, then you’ve found the right place. If this group has any ax to grind, it would be to dispel the view that Mormonism is solely compatible with contemporary conservative thought, and to then point out that it may even be more compatible with contemporary liberal thought. We invoke and adapt Brother Harry Reid’s statement,

I’m a liberal because I’m a Mormon, not in spite of it.

We welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions. Contact us: admin@mormonliberals.org

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    Charity isn't Justice

    Mormons are taught to take care of the poor. The Bible and the Book of Mormon are full of commandments, pleadings, admonitions, and assertions that we need to help the poor.[1] There is little disagreement about that fact, and the LDS Church does a significant amount of humanitarian work across the world. And Mormon people are charitable on an individual level in a variety of ways.[2]
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    The Good Samaritan, or The Good Undocumented, Gay Migrant

    When Christ shared his parable of the Good Samaritan (as recorded in Luke 10), he carefully tuned it to the context of his day. This made it a very provocative and compelling narrative. Because we often lack insight to the culture and context of that time, we tend to miss out on the full effect of his parable. To more completely appreciate Christ’s teachings here, we must first understand the context of his comments, and second, we ought to consider a modern application that similarly pushes boundaries in our own culture.
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